How do you transform a group of individual, committed parishioners into a vital team?

This is a challenge that congregational leaders face each time they are assembling new vestries, mission committees, or are creating a taskforce or committee. How do you get people to work well together? What sort of practices will help them to be strategic rather than lost in the weeds? How can vestry meetings be productive and lively rather than much-dreaded monthly events that go on and on?

In Vital Teams, ECF has developed a leadership training that helps leaders focus on four critical aspects of teamwork: 1) achieving clarity around a team's purpose 2) establishing strong relationships between team members 3) developing clearer processes for meetings and 4) focusing on results.

ECF is now offering this workshops for congregations and dioceses across the Episcopal Church. Please contact Kjerstin Besser at to find out if a Vital Teams training is right for your congregation or diocese.