A Thank You to Leaders in the Church

Dear Friends,

I always look forward to the beginning of each year since it affords us the opportunity to refresh, re-energize and start anew. I want to share some of ECF’s exciting new work in 2020 as we connect with leaders and forge partnerships throughout the Church. As of January 1, the Network for Christian Formation (Forma) has become a collaborative ministry of ECF. This partnership will help us live into our core value of discipleship more intentionally as well as directly connect us with an effective and committed grassroots network of leaders. We are also partnering with The Gathering of Leaders (GOL) and its 600 clergy participants who are responding to the missionary call of Christ with a hope-filled vision for the Episcopal Church. What we’re doing together through these collaborations is focusing on the idea of transformational leadership and its potential for impacting the future of our Church.

Transformational leadership seeks to motivate excellence and inspire extraordinary outcomes through a shared sense of purpose and mission, a compelling vision, strength in the face of challenge, openness to change, and a commitment to the growth and development of new leaders. This is the model of leadership ECF seeks to embrace, encourage and promote.

As leaders in the Church, lay and ordained, I know all of you face unique challenges as well as exciting opportunities. ECF has been privileged to work with so many of you and we are inspired by stories of leaders at all levels stepping up, making tough decisions, overcoming obstacles, practicing discipleship and paving the way for new leaders to come forth. To me, this is what transformational leadership is all about.

You don’t have to navigate this journey alone. ECF is here to walk alongside you through the ups and downs of ministry and provide you with tools, resources and innovative ideas to help you live out your Gospel mandate as the Body of Christ in your own unique way. I am listing a few resources below that you might find helpful in your ministry. Please be in touch with your questions, stories and feedback.

Since ECF is here for you, your experience directly impacts and shapes how we develop our strategy and live into our mission.

I wish you all of God’s blessing and an abundance of hope, energy and joy this New Year!


Donald V. Romanik
President, Episcopal Church Foundation

  • The just-released Finance Resource Guide (FRG) is a spiritually grounded resource which guides leaders as they develop and steward financial resources for local mission and ministry. It offers tools that range from how to talk about conflicting money stories in scripture to conversation starters and budget templates. The FRG is written for lay, clergy, and diocesan leadership and speaks to readers with a wide variety of financial backgrounds and expertise. The FRG is distributed by Forward Movement and can be ordered at
    ForwardMovement.org or by calling 800-543-1813.
  • The Rooted in Jesus 2020 Conference seeks to build deeper community between the various demographics within the Episcopal Church, energizing and equipping participants with practical tools and resources to apply across multi-disciplinary ministries. There will be several pre-conference tracks and conference tracks, all presented through the lens of discipleship. The tracks are: Evangelism, Formation, Mission, Leadership, Communications, Preaching and Stewardship. You can register by going to rootedinjesus.church.
  • The January and February issue of Vestry Papers will provide useful articles on issues relating to Transformational Vestries. Please go to www.ecfvp.org to subscribe to Vestry Papers for these and other tools and resources delivered directly to your inbox.
  • Whether you’re a first time vestry member or a seasoned veteran, the Vestry Resource Guide is an essential tool to help leaders discern, plan and implement local mission and ministry for congregations of all sizes and shapes - available in English or Spanish, and in both print and e-book formats from our friends at Forward Movement ForwardMovement.org or by calling 800-543-1813.

For more information, please explore our website.