A Kairos Moment for the Church January 25, 2017 ECF fellow Kelly Brown Douglas on what it means to be a leader in today’s Church.
A Thank You to All Vestry Members January 4, 2017 A message from the President of the Episcopal Church Foundation
2016 Highlights December 6, 2016 2016 has been a year of big changes, new projects and an intentional focus on impact for ECF.
Embracing Religious Manyness November 3, 2016 ECF Fellow Lucinda Mosher on church leaders' role in engaging in interreligious dialogue.
Stewardship is Not Taught; it’s Caught October 11, 2016 Peter Pereira from the Diocese of Hawaii, speaks to us about the value of good stewardship.
Grounded in Hope, Not Fear August 17, 2016 A message from the President of the Episcopal Church Foundation.
True Sunshine Goes Solar June 28, 2016 A historic church uses their ECF-managed endowment to bring light and life to its community.
ECF announces 2016 Fellows May 25, 2016 ECF has named its 2016 Fellows who bring an exciting vision for the future of the Episcopal Church.
Becoming Vital Teams April 6, 2016 ECF's pilot project is helping to build strong lay and clergy teams across The Episcopal Church.
Be Still and Grow March 1, 2016 Charis Bhagianathan reflects on the 2016 ECF-Kanuga Church Leadership Conference.