An Introduction to the new ECF Vital Practices website

ECF Vital Practices is a ministry of the Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) whose mission is to strengthen the strategic, leadership, and financial capabilities of Episcopal congregations, dioceses, and other institutions.

ECF Vital Practices explores new ways of supporting congregations by building online communities of Episcopalians who share their stories, experiences, and best practices, who learn from one another, and who discover support to help sustain their leadership and their ministries. It includes articles by experts and peers in a monthly e-publication called Vestry Papers, blogs for sharing ideas about faith and leadership, stories about real life lessons of change and leadership, tools for stewardship, communications, and opportunities for you to share your stories and examples.

We recently launched a new version of the ECF Vital Practices website. Incorporating feedback from readers across the Church, we spent several months improving the site to make it more effective and easier to use.

New features include the ability to save your favorite resources, easier searching, and one-click social media sharing. The ECF Vital Practices team put together a quick tutorial on how to navigate this new website: click here to view it and learn how to best use it for resources, tools and articles to help you respond to your unique church needs.

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