It’s hard to get where you’re going when you’re not sure where that is. A healthy, vital, and vibrant Episcopal faith community requires prayer, a clear vision, responsive leaders, and the support and involvement of your members. Don’t know where to start? ECF First Step is an on-line assessment tool designed specifically for parishes to help articulate challenges and/or growth opportunities as a first step towards prioritizing needs.

Once you know where to begin, Strategic Solutions provides consulting services around a comprehensive approach to visioning. This includes the articulation of core values and creation of strategic goals for congregations and other Episcopal entities, and implementation of a listening process to engage the entire community. The process is customized and strengthens a congregation’s capacity to make strategic decisions on an ongoing basis and in a spiritually grounded, yet practical way.

ECF offers a Vestry Workshop, a congregation-wide Strategic Thinking Process, and Extended Discernment which can include:

  • A facilitated onsite meeting (s) with Vestry to determine: Vestry’s role as visionaries, group norms, an all-member listening process and timeline
  • Written communications plan designed for the size and communication style of the community
  • Development of a set of questions to be used in a listening process
  • Large and small group meetings utilizing the listening questions
  • Oversight and mentoring of volunteers to ensure completion of tasks within timeline
  • Utilizing feedback to identify or review Mission Statement, Distinctive Ministry Assets, Core Values
  • Creating a strategic filter to be utilized in decision making involving all areas: space usage, fellowship, programming, fundraising, outreach, stewardship, etc.
  • Creating measurable/actionable goals
  • Identification of capital, organizational or human resources necessary for achieving mission and goals

Strategic Solutions will empower leadership to respond quickly, meaningfully, and effectively to changing realities, and to lead their community to follow God’s call with renewed energy and vision.

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