General Information

Endowment Structure
Getting the structure of your endowment right is often the key to its success. If you want to encourage legacy gifts to your endowment you will need to explain how the money will be used, how it will be invested, how much will be spent each year, and who is in charge of making those decisions.

ECF offers a complete set of sample endowment policies (as Word documents) that have been used in hundreds of Episcopal institutions. We are happy to send them to you at no cost and will work with you to adapt them to your particular circumstances.

The policies include: An Enabling Resolution (to be passed by the Vestry or Governing Board)

Operating Policies (to be enacted by the Committee or Trustees)

  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Spending Rule Policy
  • Disposition of Bequest Policy
  • Donor-Designated Fund Policy
  • Gift Acceptance Policy

There are variations of the documents for Episcopal dioceses, churches, schools, and church-related organizations. Please send an e-mail to Ken Quigley at ECF to receive your set of the documents.

Operational Issues

Growing Endowments Through Planned Giving
In addition to helping you structure your endowment, and invest it, ECF will help you grow your endowment through planned giving. The two major areas of service are awareness creation – helping your planned giving committee or stewardship volunteers talk about the various means (and advantages) of planned giving; and major donor support – facilitating life income gifts such as charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, and pooled income funds, for the benefit of your institution.

Learn more about ECF's Planned Giving Services here.