ECF has helped hundreds of Episcopal dioceses, churches, schools, and church-related organizations organize, invest, and grow their endowments and permanent funds. Our Endowment Management Solutions (EMS) program covers the complete spectrum of endowment needs from starting an endowment fund, to updating endowment policies, to investing prudently and spending wisely. ECF’s commitment to responsible endowment management reflects our belief that endowments breathe new life into a congregation, make new ministries possible, spark creative outreach projects, and ease the burden of long-term capital expenses.

New Site, New Life for St. Vincent’s Center in Haiti A well managed endowment allows St. Vincent's in Haiti to thrive in their ministry.
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Ken Quigley, Sen. Prg. Dir.
Carsten Sierck, Prg. Dir.
Josh Anderson, Assoc. Prg. Dir.

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