Finance Resource Guide

The Finance Resource Guide is here!

The Finance Resource Guide (FRG) serves as a handbook for congregations and vestries, providing in-depth financial management practices and principles and promoting year ‘round, theologically driven stewardship.

The FRG is written for lay, clergy, and diocesan leadership and speaks to readers with a wide variety of financial backgrounds and expertise. This spiritually grounded resource guides leaders as they develop and steward financial resources for local mission and ministry. It offers tools that range from how to talk about conflicting money stories in scripture to conversation starters and budget templates.

The FRG will stand alongside ECF’s popular Vestry Resource Guide (VRG) as an important companion volume. The two books together provide church members with tools to enrich their congregations’ lives.

The FRG was written to encourage and inspire readers to face their discomfort about money and think about the ways that money is important to the health of their congregations. Chapters include stewardship, budgets, leadership, and financial administration supplemented by first-person stories of how financial principles have been applied to real challenges faced by congregations.

The FRG will be available in both print and e-book formats.

A Spanish language version is planned for release next year.

The FRG is distributed by Forward Movement and can be ordered at or by calling 800-543-1813.


Kate Adams
Special Projects Director
(212) 870-2839