Models for vestry leadership of faith formation

March 8, 2016   7:00 pm – 8:00 pm  EST

So your vestry has a handle on the financials. But how are you doing as leaders and stewards of your church's faith formation ministries? In this webinar the Center for the Ministry of Teaching posits four "developmental stages" of vestry leadership of faith formation. Director Lisa Kimball and digital missioner Kyle Oliver will pose important questions and make practical suggestions for each approach.

1. Disciples together -- Leaders must be learners, so how is your vestry growing in faith together?
2. Leader liaisons -- Many vestries appoint representatives to oversee or check in with different ministries. How are your faith formation liaisons trained and commissioned for this work?
3. Strategic consultants -- Issues of faith formation should be a part of your big-picture organizational thinking and day-to-day administrative practice. Do faith formation leaders have a voice in these conversations?
4. Integrated partners -- Christian educator Maria Harris argues that the entire corporate life of our churches (prayer, teaching, proclamation, service, fellowship) forms us into the people of God. How can your vestry partner with formation ministers to embed reflection and growth into all your church does?

Presented by Lisa Kimball and Kyle Oliver, Center for the Ministry of Teaching, Virginia Theological Seminary

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