Basics of Endowment

October 19, 2016   7:00 pm – 8:00 pm  EST

Every church, no matter how small or how large, no matter if they have a dime of endowment money or not, needs to have the structure of an endowment in place! For churches that have an endowment, it is the job of church leaders to make sure that it is well organized, well-invested, and well-spent. This webinar will cover topics such as … What is an endowment? What types of endowments are there? Why have one? What an endowment is for. What an endowment is not for. What operating policies do you need? Everyone who signs up for the webinar will receive a set of field-tested sample endowment policies as a editable document. Please join us for this in-depth discussion of a critical area of stewardship.

Presented by Ken Quigley, Senior Program Director, Endowment Management Solutions, ECF.