eFormation Bootcamp

October 27, 2017   9:00 am – 4:00 pm  EST

ECF's Managing Program Director Miguel Escobar and Director of Communications Charis Bhagianathan will be presenting at this year's eFormation Bootcamp. eFormation is a learning community for ministry in a digital world. the eFormation learning community will gather to share tools, resources, and best practices for social media, communications, and faith formation.

Charis will be presenting Communications Strategy 101. What is a communications strategy and why does my church need one? In this workshop, we will answer these questions and also share ideas and resources on how to create and implement an effective communications strategy that is in line your church’s mission and priorities.

Miguel will be presenting Face-to-Face: Meeting in-person and online. More and more church groups are moving toward a combination of in-person and online meetings. This workshop will review principles of well-structured meetings that apply to both in-person and online gatherings, will look at some of the unique aspects of online meetings, and will then make suggestions for adopting a hybrid approach.