[Chinese Webinar] 迎接人口结构变化的祝福和挑战:圣公会李添嫒中文事工中心

June 30, 2016   10:00 pm – 11:00 pm  EST



  • 李添嫒中心在华人移民中开展事工的酸甜苦辣(李添嫒中心是以圣公会第一个按立于1944年的女牧师李添嫒命名的),
  • 我们在一个华人移民迅速增长地区的白人教会中开展华人事工时所面临的挑战、困难和成功,
  • 我们如何在主教、主任牧师和双语牧师的带领下,一起共同探索用创造性的方式来开展新的事工,
  • 总而言之,我们在用新的方式开展华人事工过程中的经验教训。


如果您对我们这个讲座感兴趣,想注册加入的话,请电邮王玉瑛牧师。 王牧师的电邮地址是:revadarn@gmail.com. 谢谢。


Please note that because the presenters and majority of attendees of this webinar will be on the West Coast of the United States, this webinar is being offered at 7 PM Pacific Time (10 PM ET).

If you have experienced demographic change in your church’s community, if the racial distribution of your church does not reflect the racial reality of your public schools, if your church is going to start or has already begun to engage in a ministry to a culturally different group, whether or not that group is Asian, you are in the right webinar!

In this webinar, with presentations of Bishop, Rector, Chinese clergy and Chinese members of a brand new ministry, we will share with you:

  • Our joys and struggles in ministry of the Li Tim-Oi Center (named for The Rev. Florence Li Tim-Oi, first woman priest in the Anglican Communion—1944) among Chinese immigrants,
  • Our difficulties and achievements in meeting the challenge for an historically “Anglo” church located in a rapidly changing neighborhood with increasing Chinese immigration,
  • Our collaborative endeavor to explore a creative way of doing new ministry under the guidance and leadership of Bishop, Rector, and bi-lingual Clergy,
  • And all in all, our story of ups and downs in creating a new model for sustaining Episcopal Church ethnic ministry.

To register, please send an email to the Rev. Ada Nagata at revadarn@gmail.com.

Presented by 2014 ECF Fellow, The Rev. Dr. Thomas Ni, Executive Director of Li Tim-Oi Center and Associate Priest for Chinese Ministry, Church of Our Saviour, San Gabriel, California.