ECF Celebrates Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

November 2, 2015


The Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) joins with Episcopalians everywhere in celebrating the installation of the Most Rev. Michael Curry as the 27th Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church. In his installation sermon, Bishop Curry called the Church to a way of evangelism “that is genuine and authentic to us as Episcopalians, not a way that imitates or judges anyone else. A way of evangelism that is really about sharing good news.”

After attending the service, Donald Romanik, President of ECF, stated “This is a new day in the life of the Episcopal Church. The Holy Spirit clearly filled the vast space of the National Cathedral and that energy will spread throughout the Church. ECF stands ready to join Bishop Curry in the Jesus Movement and work with congregations and faith communities in the important and challenging work of evangelism and reconciliation.” In the above photo, left to right: Nancy Davidge, editor of ECF Vital Practices; Donald Romanik, President of ECF; Ronald Byrd, Vital Teams consultant; Sandra T. Montes, ECF Spanish language resource consultant.

In honor of Bishop Curry's installation and call to evangelism, ECF is offering the following five resources to help your congregation “go out” into your communities and be part of the Jesus movement.

1. A Voice for the Voiceless
How can each of us be advocates for the vulnerable, voiceless, and marginalized? “A Voice for the Voiceless” shares three practical ways each of us can reach out and be a powerful advocate for those who need it most.

2. Episcopal Dirty Words
Is evangelism a dirty word? “Episcopal Dirty Words” encourages us to transcend stereotypes and shares Biblical examples and personality types for how to engage in evangelism.

3. Reaching the American-Born Latino
Assimilated, English speaking, and bicultural Latinos born in the United States represent about 65% of the Latino population. “Reaching the American Born Latino” explores how Episcopal congregations can reach this population, which in turn will open up ministry opportunities for those who do not speak fluent Spanish.

4. Rethink Congregations
"Rethink Congregations" shares ideas for congregational leaders searching for community connection and mission.

5. At the End of the Day...
Ever wondered how your congregation can cultivate invitation, welcome, and connection that are rooted and grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ? “At the End of the Day...” shows congregations how to form an engaging newcomer ministry.

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