Boost Giving With Appreciated Securities

December 11, 2014

True Story: In January 2014, the Kiplinger Newsletter carried the headline “Bad News for Bears.” With the market hovering just below 16,000, Kiplinger predicted the five-year bull market “may be younger than it looks.” As the end of the year approaches, Kiplinger’s predictions have proved true.

So when a prospective donor told our client, “I need to talk to you before the end of the year,” we said, “Take the meeting. Now.”

With another year of record market gains, parishioners who pay their pledges by stock transfer are well positioned to be more generous. By donating stock to the church, they can offset those gains with a tax credit based on the appreciated value. Here are some ways to put that abundance to work for the Church

Stewardship: Make sure people in your congregation know whom to contact to make a gift of stock. Talk with your treasurer about accepting stock transfers in 2014 for 2015 pledges.

Planned Giving: Many planned giving instruments such as charitable gift annuities can be funded with appreciated securities. These offer the tax advantages of a charitable gift and some also create income for the donor as well. For more information, contact ECF at 800-697-2858, by email at, or create a simplified illustration yourself at Note that the deadline for creating a charitable gift annuity in 2014 is December 29

Capital Campaign: Taking advantage of rapid appreciation not only helps the donor offset capital gains, it decreases the need for bridge loans to finance building and renovation projects during the pledge collection phase.

Be sure to check with your own legal or financial advisors before making a final decision.