Preparing future Church leaders - ECF/CPG host seventh “Success After Seminary” meeting

October 24, 2019

The Church Pension Group (CPG), in collaboration with the Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF), hosted their fourth “Success after Seminary” meeting September 27-28, 2019 in Philadelphia, PA. CPG and ECF welcomed 68 seminarians and their spouses/partners from over 30 dioceses and 6 seminaries and formation institutions.

As part of ECF’s Lilly Endowment National Initiative to address the economic challenges facing pastoral leaders, the “Success after Seminary” program is a timely endeavor designed to supplement seminary studies with financial and leadership tools and to empower future clergy for transformational leadership in the Episcopal Church. As one participant noted,

Thank you so much for providing this opportunity and educating us as couples as we make this transition. It is a relief to know there are so many people working hard to protect the clergy of the church. It was also a nice break to get out of seminary and connect with just my spouse. Thanks for all that you do.

CPG provided presentations on the Clergy Pension and clergy taxes, as well as individual financial topics such as cash management and debt, while ECF shared information on moving from seminary to parish life, the deployment process (resumes, interviewing and Letters of Agreement) and its strategic, leadership and financial resources for the Church. A seminarian in their senior year noted,

Although there was a lot of information shared in very short period of time, I know I will use the resources I received at this conference after ordination when the information will become much more immediately relevant and applicable.

Attendees gained a greater understanding of what to expect in the coming years, where they can turn for support with CPG, ECF and the Church, and starting to build networks with colleagues.

Among many other programs, including the “Success after Seminary” meeting, ECF has developed a comprehensive and holistic approach to implementing the aims and purposes of the Lilly Endowment National Initiative – alleviating some of the key financial pressures that inhibit pastoral leadership and improving financial literacy and management skills.

ECF and CPG will be holding three meetings in 2020.

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