ECF Fellows News: Winter 2019

March 18, 2019

Derek Minno Bloom (2016) has been hard at work to make sure Sanctuary and Code Blue Trinity remains a sanctuary for all. This year they expanded their sanctuary mission to include those who do not have a warm place to go when it is 25 degrees below outside, or 32 degrees and precipitating. Trinity has become one in three places in all of Monmouth County to host Code Blue nights as a warming center. The Asbury Park Affordable Housing Coalition, which was founded by Derek and other organizers, meets at Trinity and is working with Fair Share Housing New Jersey and the city of Asbury Park to write the city’s Affordable Housing ordinances and policies.

This year they have also continued to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day, which is a day that honors the past and present of our indigenous siblings lives and struggle for self-determination. This year they have written an ordinance for the city of Asbury Park to make Indigenous Peoples Day an official holiday in Asbury Park.

The Rev. Dr. Bruce Chilton (1974), Bernard Iddings Bell Professor of Religion at Bard College, consulted with the National Geographic Society on the Basilica of Saints John and Paul in Rome. In November, the Society brought him in to the site for an interview with Morgan Freeman, which will air in the spring. He also joined a panel of four scholars appointed by the Regents of the State of Louisiana to select scholars for awards to fellowships in the humanities. He completed his lecture series on Christian Philosophies for the institute of Advanced Theology during the autumn, and he continues his series on the Reformation in Rhinebeck at the Reformed Church. Recent publications include “Implications and Prospects of Jewish Jesus Research,” Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus 2018) 62-79.

Elisabeth Rain Kincaid (2016) has accepted the position of Assistant Professor of Moral Theology and Ethics at Nashotah House Theological Seminary, effective July 1. She will be teaching courses in Moral Theology, Church in Society, and Christian Social Ethics. She will continue her research into the relationship between theology and law, formation of virtue, and work and vocation. Elisabeth's article “Aquinas, Pinckaers, and the Retrieval of a Doctrine of Political Equity" will be published in the Journal of Moral Theology this spring. She also has an essay entitled "Settling Law: Francisco Suárez's Theory of Custom for Contemporary Contexts" forthcoming in Francisco Suárez (1548–1617): Jesuits and the Complexities of Modernity (Brill).

Robert MacSwain (2004) recently published two chapters dealing with different aspects of the work of his doctoral supervisor, David Brown, namely the philosophical and the biblical. First, “The Tradition of Reason: David Brown, Joseph Butler, and Divine Hiddenness,” in Christian Theology and the Transformation of Natural Religion: From Incarnation to Sacramentality–Essays for David Brown, edited by Christopher R. Brewer (Leuven: Peeters, 2018), pp. 21-35. Second, “Moving Texts and Mirror Neurons: David Brown and Eleonore Stump on Biblical Interpretation,” in The Moving Text: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on David Brown and the Bible, edited by Garrick V. Allen, Christopher R. Brewer, and Dennis F. Kinlaw III (London: SCM Press, 2018), pp. 51-69.

Mark J. McInroy (2005) recently received the Manfred Lautenschlaeger Award for Theological Promise for his monograph on Hans Urs von Balthasar, titled Balthasar on the Spiritual Senses: Perceiving Splendour (Oxford University Press, 2014). The book is a revised version of his doctoral dissertation. He is currently doing work on deification in Christian theology, and he’s published an article on John Henry Newman’s retrieval of the doctrine in the mid-nineteenth century. He’s also writing a monograph on Martin Luther’s use of deification in his mature theology.

Kyle Oliver (2016) has peer-reviewed an article in Teaching Theology & Religion: Networked religion meets digital geographies: Pedagogical principles for exploring new spaces and roles in the seminary classroom. He’s teaching a course on Missional Practices and/for Beloved Community for CDSP's CALL program and local formation partner: the Episcopal Church in Minnesota. From May 29 through May 31, Kyle will serve as chaplain for the Uncharted gathering for local schools of formation (also in partnership with ECM).

Kyle was commissioned to create (and have since field-tested) a new remixable training resource: Interviewing for research & media production. He delivered workshops on faith formation & mission, as well as practices for creativity & innovation at Forma. He also teamed up with Emily Scott (formerly of St. Lydia's in Brooklyn) to offer a webinar on How To Be Church Beyond Our Buildings. He’s hoping to get word soon about two big audio projects: a podcast for the Presiding Bishop's Way of Love initiative (pilot here, but not quite public) and the podcast companion to my dissertation research (demo here, presenting cleaned up version later in the week at Ethnography in Education Forum at UPenn).

Dr. Charles Patterson (1965) is pleased to announce his new book, In Dante’s Footsteps: My Journey to Hell, published by Christian Faith Publishing:

In January, Nedgine Paul (2016) published her first op-ed in BRIGHT Magazine. She was also honored to be asked to serve as a speaker at the 2019 Global Education & Skills Forum, taking place in March 2019.

David W. Peters (2017) saw January 2019 mark one year of the Veterans Lunch Group at Community First! Village, a tiny home community for formerly homeless persons. The veterans lunch has been instrumental in building community and sharing the long journey home from war. The Episcopal Veterans Fellowship continues to equip churches and dioceses for veterans’ ministry. David is thankful for the support and encouragement from the Episcopal Church Foundation, who has made this work possible.

The Rev. Canon Dr. C. K. Robertson (1998) guest-edited the Winter 2019 issue of the Anglican Theological Review. Entitled "God Has Something to Say," this first issue in the second century for the ATR, is co-sponsored by the Episcopal Preaching Foundation and a special theme issue devoted to the theology of preaching. It includes a foreword from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and contributions from scholars and leaders throughout the Church."

In October, Ellen K. Wondra’s (1985) book Questioning Authority: The Theology and Practice of Authority in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion was published by Peter Lang in the series Studies in Episcopal and Anglican Theology, ed. Charles Robertson. You can find more information here. She continues to serve on the World Council of Churches' Commission on Faith and Order as a member of the working group on ecclesiology.

Jesse Zink’s (2013) book, Christianity and Catastrophe in South Sudan: Civil War, Migration, and the Rise of Dinka Anglicanism was published by Baylor University Press late in 2018. He continues his work as principal of Montreal Diocesan Theological College, director of the Montreal School of Theology, and adjunct faculty at McGill University School of Religious Studies.