Formed to Proclaim: Forma 2019

March 8, 2019

The Episcopal Church Foundation was excited to attend the 2019 Forma conference: Formed to Proclaim | Conversations on Liturgy and Evangelism in January 2019. The conference was held at Christ Church Cathedral, Indianapolis with the Very Rev. Steve Carlsen and the Rt. Rev. Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows as the hosts. Over 400 participants traveled from all over to be equipped, especially for Christian education. Forma was honored to have the Rev. Marcus Halley, the Rev. Canon Stephanie Spellers, Dr. Catherine Meeks, the Rev. Juan Oliver, the Rev. Paul Fromberg, Lauren Kay, the Rev. Jessicah Duckworth, and ECF’s own Dr. Sandra Montes as some of the speakers for the two-day gathering. ECF staff members Donald Romanik, Melissa Rau and Kjerstin Besser were also in attendance and presented workshops for the conference attendees.

There were many inspired moments during the conference. Dr. Meeks gave a master class in grace, power, and determination. Canon Spellers challenged all to focus on their personal lives with Jesus as they navigate helping others to find their own life in Christ. The Rev. Halley’s plenary provided a poignant moment when he challenged everyone to wonder if we still expect God to be present with us in worship. It’s a question many haven’t considered in a very long time. Some had to admit that we’ve become complacent in our worship. What would the Episcopal Church look like if we lived our lives as if God is going to show up? What if we had faith in God’s promise that God is always with us?

Bill Campbell, Executive Director of Forma and Program Director at ECF, had the following to say about the conference: No one conference will solve all the problems facing the Church. The goal of these gatherings is to inspire and encourage attendees to think about their work in Christian education a little differently. Forma hopes that the lay attendees will stand a bit bolder in their roles within the Church and that the clergy will think about how they might better empower the lay people around them. What was most clear at the end of our time in Indianapolis was that we are all united in our mission to form disciples for Jesus.

To see the plenaries or view the resources form the workshops, please visit the Forma website here.