ECF Fellows News: Autumn 2018

October 31, 2018

Jennifer Adams-Massmann (2017), a doctoral student in church history at the University of Heidelberg (Germany), has won the highly competitive 2018 John F. Wilson Research Fellowship of the American Society of Church History. This fellowship will fund her to complete final archival research at the Moravian Archives in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, as well as to present a paper at the biennial Moravian Conference of History and Music in October, also in Bethlehem. She has also been invited to be moderator and commentator for a panel on Moravian memoir-writing and autobiographical spiritual writing at that conference. In June Jennifer presented her research at the Gender & Sexuality Seminar, an interdisciplinary working group within the Faculty of History at the University of Cambridge. The one-hour long presentation and discussion was entitled “Crawling into the Little Side-Hole: Eighteenth -Century Moravian Women and Devotion to the Blood and Wounds of Christ.” She also served as temporary part-time assistant chaplain at Pembroke College (University of Cambridge), where she led services and organized prayer and wellness activities to support students during Cambridge’s exam term (April-June). In May she participated in the penultimate meeting of this mandate of the Anglican-Old Catholic International Coordinating Council (AOCICC) in Winchester, England, as Anglican delegate representing the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe."

Claude Barbre (1995) received the 2018 Distinguished International Research and Scholarship Award, presented by The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TCSSP), Chicago, IL. The annual award honors a faculty member who has “demonstrated a record of scholarship that clearly establishes him or her as a scholar with substantial contributions in the areas of international, cross-cultural, or indigenous issues conducted through meaningful international collaborations between scholars from different regions on the globe, especially in light of the impact the work has had on global communities.” During the past few months Dr. Barbre has been an invited speaker at a number of international and national conferences. In February, he presented a paper, The Precarity of Relational Ontology: Traumatic Whataboutery in Discerning Authority, Authoritarianism, and Autonomy in an Age of Populism and Post-Truth Politics, at an international conference entitled, Precarity, Populism, and Post-Truth Politics, sponsored by the Universidad de Cordoba, Spain. In March, Dr. Barbre presented a paper, Readings Against the Grain: Illuminations of Discontinuities and the American Sublime in the Writings of D.H. Lawrence at the 32nd International Conference on D.H. Lawrence, University of Paris, Paris, France. In addition, in April Dr. Barbre presented two papers. The first paper, From the Age of Aquarius to the Epoch of the Anthropocene: Psychosocial Reflections on Eco-psychology, was presented at the Association for Psychosocial Studies Biennial International Conference, entitled Psychosocial Reflections on a Half Century of Cultural Revolution: the 50th Anniversary of the Season of Love and Protest, Bournemouth University, Bournemouth, United Kingdom. The second paper, Breaking into a Sacred, Bloodier Speech: The Healing Role of Monsters in Child Development, Trauma Play, and the Cultural Imagination, was presented at the American Psychological Association (APA) Division 39 Annual Conference, entitled Generations, Ghosts and Guardians, in New Orleans, LA. This presentation, co-authored with Jill Barbre, appears as a book chapter with the same title in Violent States and Creative States, Volume II, Chapter 9, pp. 123-135, edited by J. Adlam, T. Klutting, and B. Lee London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers). Also, at the APA conference, Dr. Barbre, who serves as Chair of the APA Division 39 Graduate Student’s Scholar Awards, conferred nine 2018 scholarship awards to help fund graduate students with clinical training, supervision, and research. Further, in May he presented three papers at conference and community gatherings. One paper, To Feel Death’s Air Under Our Wings: Rehumanizing Life in the Face of Trauma, was presented at The Kedzie Center for Community Health in Chicago IL, sponsored by the Trauma Dialogues Collective. Another paper, The Cost of Activism and the Wages of Sacrifice: Self-love, Selfish love, and the Sane Society in Turbulent Times, was presented at the International Social Theory Consortium Annual Conference (ISTC), entitled, Modernity Between the Damaged Life and the Sane Society, Loyola University, Chicago IL Finally, Dr. Barbre presented two papers at the 2018 International Psychohistory Association 41stAnnual Conference in New York City entitled, The Intersection of Psychology, History, and Culture. The first paper was entitled, Redemption in the Shadow of the Double: Esther Menaker’s Psychohistorical Analysis of the Russian Spy Yevno Azef, AKA Comrade Valentine—a Terrorist in the Family. The second paper was entitled, Fake Good News: A Short History of Evangelical Neoliberalism, The Prosperity Gospel, and the Commodification of Being. Dr. Barbre is a Training Supervisor, and member of the Board of Directors, The Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis (CCP). He is Distinguished Full Professor of Clinical Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Chicago IL, and a pastoral counselor and psychoanalyst in private practice in Chicago (

Stewart Clem (2017) recently accepted the position of Visiting Assistant Professor of Theology at Valparaiso University in Valparaiso, Indiana. He will be teaching courses in theology, ethics, and the humanities, as well as continuing his research on truth-telling, free speech, and the ethics of public discourse. Stewart's article, "The Passions of Christ in the Moral Theology of Thomas Aquinas: An Integrative Account,” was published in the July 2018 issue of the journal New Blackfriars. Another article, "Dropping the Debt: A New Conundrum in Kant’s Rational Religion," appeared in the March 2018 issue of Religious Studies. Stewart serves as assisting priest at St. Paul's Church (Mishawaka, IN), a participating congregation in the new discipleship initiative, Baptized for Life. He will be assisting the rector in this new initiative, made possible by a partnership of Virginia Theological Seminary, Lilly Endowment Inc., and The Episcopal Church.

Elisabeth Rain Kincaid (2016) received her Ph.D. in Theology from the University of Notre Dame in Spring of 2018. She has accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Moral Theology at the Aquinas Institute of Theology in St. Louis, MO, which she began this fall.

Kyle Oliver (2016) produced a resource, Holy Eucharist Illuminated: Liturgy Teaching Cards, selling over 100 sets thus far. Kyle presented his paper, Toward Digital Literacies as Markers of Professional Competency for Public-Facing Religious Leadership in the New Media Age, at International Conference on Media, Religion and Public Scholarship, Boulder, Colorado in August. He Served as lead curator for college-wide exhibition "Digital Learning @ TC." Excellent video wrap-up here. Kyle’s new publication, “Seeing” the Sacred Landscape: A Digital Geographies Approach to Contextualizing Ancient Sites in Religious Education, was included in J. Hilton’s, Teaching Religion Using Technology in Higher Education (Routledge, New York, NY). He was awarded Three Polly Bond Awards at 2018 Episcopal Communicators Conference: (1) General Excellence: Integrated Social Media Presence (Award of Merit for Creative Commons Prayer); (2) Audio/Video: Podcast Episode (Award of Merit for "Prayer Podcast: Kristin Taylor on Breathwork and 'what counts'"); (3) Audio/Video: Podcast Episode (Honorable Mention for "Teaching Torah on YouTube").