ECF Staff Members Share Insights on Stewardship in New Book

June 28, 2018

One-Minute Stewardship, a new book by Charles Cloughen Jr., published by Church Publishing, has just been released and features the writings of two ECF staff members – Jim Murphy and Ken Quigley.

One-Minute Stewardship is designed to promote the development of a meaningful theology of giving in a new age. The book offers short reflections, indexed by Scripture, theme, event, and lectionary, which can be included in weekly parish e-mails, newsletters, weekly bulletins, or read as an invitation to the offering during worship. The book addresses the issue of designated giving, which is usually separate from general stewardship appeals and is designed to empower clergy and lay leaders to promote the message of good stewardship every Sunday of the year.

Speaking about the book, ECF’s president Donald Romanik said, “Stewardship and fundraising often strike fear in the hearts of clergy and lay leaders. But it doesn’t have to be that way especially if you approach this essential ministry in a direct, innovative and spiritually-grounded way. And that’s what Charles Cloughen’s new book is all about. Charles has dedicated his entire career to building up financial resources to enable the church to actively engage in God’s mission in the world. He has incredible passion and energy for this important work. One-Minute Stewardship is an invaluable resource for all parish leaders who want to embrace and celebrate stewardship all year round in new and creative ways.”

Two ECF staff members contributed to the book. Below are excerpts from their writings.

Being an endowment planter (or an endowment donor) is being the ultimate visionary. The funds invested will grow and support ministries that you cannot imagine today. What ripples of good works will your endowment start? What mustard seeds will it plant? Long after all of us have passed on to our reward, what wonderful things will the endowment you funded be doing – 20 years, 50 years, 100 years from now? Endowments are the ultimate act of faith in the future of your church and its mission in the world. - Ken Quigley, Senior Program Director for Endowment Management Solutions

In every workshop I do on legacy giving from one’s estate, there is one I phrase I say consistently: “When someone makes a planned gift of any kind to their parish, that person raises their congregation to the level of family in their estate plans”. Such a gift demonstrates that someone believes so strongly in the mission and ministry of his/her parish, that they would elevate them to the same status as one of their children or grandchildren for the eventual distribution of their worldly goods. Such a gift is not a simple token, but demonstrates tremendous passion and conviction for the future ministry of the parish. - Jim Murphy, Managing Program Director for Endowment Management, Planned Giving and Donor Solutions

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