ECF Launches Strategic Solutions

November 12, 2014

“Help us focus.” “Help us energize and engage people in ministry.” “Help us plan our future.”

In response to requests such as these from congregations, dioceses and Episcopal organizations throughout the wider Church, the Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) is launching Strategic Solutions – a guided process that strengthens leadership’s ability to discern and implement God’s call in the next phase of its mission and ministry. The process is rooted in discernment, strategy development and articulation of a shared vision for the future of its faith community.

The process produces a framework for ongoing decision-making based on a shared sense of identity, purpose and direction and involves the following:

  • Visioning, mission and strategy planning
  • Engaging diverse constituencies and supporters
  • Responding quickly and effectively to changing realities
  • Building a renewed sense of identity, purpose and direction
  • Putting plans into action

These steps are meant to serve, support and inspire and encourage ongoing discernment and conversation. What is important is that they reflect the faith community’s shared understanding of its call and the impact of its life and work in the future.

To explore Strategic Solutions for your faith community, contact Kate Adams, Special Projects Director, at 212-716-6008 or