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The 2014 application process has closed. The 2014 Fellows will be announced on May 30. 

Academic Fellows will have an impact on the formation and development of lay and clergy leaders, will address a recognized shortage area in scholarship/teaching, or will address an area where the Episcopal Church needs to develop expertise. Applicants will provide a synopsis of the proposed course of study, express a commitment to forming the next generation of scholars and ministry leaders, demonstrate the need for this particular study, and propose a methodology for sharing the knowledge, experience, or best practices gained in this study.

Those applying to the academic track must be engaged in or embarking on a course of study at the graduate level. Acceptable courses of study include doctoral and masters level programs, as well as clinical study or training at the post-undergraduate level. However, ECF Fellowships will not support first professional degrees such as a M.Div., J.D. or M.D. 

View a sample of the application: Click here to download and view a copy of the 2014 academic track Fellowship application

Frequently Asked Questions

Demonstrated Capacities:

  • Interest and passion for teaching
  • Articulate vision of vocational objectives
  • Demonstrated excellence in his or her field of study
  • Desire and ability to offer his or her gifts and expertise to the wider Church
For more information, check out the answers to frequently asked questions or read about some of our current and former Fellows.
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