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Effective July 1, 2012, Fresh Start became part of ECF.

Fresh Start helps congregational leaders and clergy face the unique challenges of clergy transition by developing leadership skills.  Clergy transition begins when a clergy person announces their departure and lasts until a new clergy person has been in place in the congregation for two years.

Fresh Start operates in over half the dioceses of the Episcopal Church, it provides clergy and congregations with new leadership skills and practical resources so they can make the most of this time of change and opportunity. In Fresh Start dioceses, transitioning clergy gain knowledge and insight as well as a community of mutual support as they navigate this challenging – and exciting – time.

Fresh Start Tools & Resources Available on ECF Vital Practices:

For Fresh Start Facilitators:

If you are a participating Fresh Start facilitator, please click here to access the Fresh Start curriculum and other tools and resources.

Please email Miguel Escobar, Program Director for Leadership Resources, for more details.

Participate in Fresh Start Training:

Diocesan Fresh Start programs must be led by a certified Fresh Start facilitator, who has completed the Fresh Start Diocesan Facilitators Training which is offered on an annual basis.  If your diocese does not currently offer Fresh Start, consider sending someone to the next facilitator training program.

The 2013 Diocesan Facilitators Training is at the Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale, AZ and registration for this event is now closed.

In addition to the planned in-person facilitator training, ECF will be developing online web conferences and resources aimed at clergy and congregations undergoing a clergy transition.

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