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October 16, 2017 News

Church Pension Group 2017 Regional “Success After Seminary” Meetings

The Church Pension Group (CPG), in collaboration with the Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF), hosted two regional “Success After Seminary” conferences in New Jersey and Texas in September 2017. CPG and ECF welcomed seminarians and their spouses/partners from over 40 dioceses and 8 seminaries and formation institutions. As part of ECF’s Lilly Endowment National Initiative to address the economic challenges facing pastoral leaders, this timely program is designed to supplement seminary studies with financial and leadership tools and to empower future clergy for transformational leadership in the Episcopal Church.

At the beginning of the Austin, TX, conference the Rev. Les Carpenter, keynote speaker, shared in his “First Years in the Priesthood – Lessons Learned” session:

“Stepping into the role of a priest or deacon is a complete mystery. I just vulnerably share my own story and the things that I think I learned to give these new clergy a frame for understanding their own experiences as they gather them. It doesn’t seem like much, but I know that it is exactly what I would have wanted, and it would have saved me so much struggle.”

CPG presented topics such as CPG’s pension plan and benefits, safety and insurance basics, publishing resources, personal finances and work/life balance. As noted by Kathy Floyd, SVP of the Church Pension Group, “These conferences give us an opportunity to share information with the future leaders of the Church and ensure they understand the array of benefits offered through the Church Pension Group.”

ECF shared information on moving from seminary to parish life, the deployment process (resumes, interviewing and Letters of Agreement) and its strategic, leadership and financial resources for the Church.

CPG and ECF’s information focused on helping seminarians navigate this significant time of transition. Attendees gained a greater understanding of what to expect in the coming years, where they can turn for support with CPG, ECF and the Church, and starting to build networks with colleagues they met at the event.

For more on the ECF Lilly Endowment National Initiative, click here.

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