Prior ECF Initiatives

ECF has responded to the changing needs of the Church by acting as an incubator for new ideas. Some of these ideas have evolved into successful programs. Others have provided important learning and testing opportunities that led to completely new opportunities. These three programs focused on the roles and partnerships of lay and clergy leaders at the congregational level and have culminated in ECF's new initiative, Vital Teams, which strengthens the lay+clergy leadership teams that are at the heart of the Episcopal Church’s many ministries.

The Barnabas Project: Parish Life Education for Seminarians, New Clergy and Lay Leaders
The Barnabas Project was a 3-year pilot program that trained more than 550 emerging church leaders by providing parish life skills necessary for their congregations to meet the future needs of the Church. Barnabas addressed practical aspects of ministry that ordained leaders need to know and in which lay and clergy leaders need to share. Examples included budgeting, non-profit management, ministry and leadership roles, staff and volunteer development, managing change, vision & planning, communications and more.

Fresh Start
For more than 12 years Fresh Start helped clergy and congregations effectively use times of transition as opportunities for self-reflection and transformation, ECF was a partner in Fresh Start from its inception. More than half the dioceses in the Episcopal Church have participated in Fresh Start programs, supporting those clergy in transition with resources, training, and networking opportunities. If you are a diocesan Fresh Start facilitator and wish to login to access the Fresh Start curriculum, please click here.

New Dreams New Visions (NDNV)
NDNV was a pilot project that addressed the growing number of small congregations that are unable to support full-time clergy and the growing number of retired clergy interersted in part-time ministry. Working with a targeted group of clergy and congregations over three-and-a-half years, the NDNV Pilot Project: developed effective support models for congregations moving from full-time to part-time clerg; equipped retired and retiring clergy to develop new ways of serving a congregation; celebrated small congregations that are vibrant, faithful communities engaged in God's mission in the world; advocated moving from an old model of “being gathered around the minister” to “being gathered around the ministry”. A final report on New Dreams New Visions is available here. The tools and resources developed are available below:

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