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ECF Vital Practices: Sharing Our Gifts
This month, we continue to share stories of the different ways Episcopal communities of faith are sharing their gifts: within their congregations, their communities, and, because of their willingness to write for Vestry Papers, with all of you.

New Fellows

ECF Fellows News: Summer 2014
Last month, the five 2014 Fellows met during an orientation gathering in New York, NY. This was a chance for this new class of Fellows to get to know one another, share their studies and ministries, hear from past recipients, and learn more about the ins-and-outs of the ECF Fellowship.

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ECF Vital Practices: Sharing Our Gifts
This month's Vestry Papers articles share stories of the ways congregations or individuals are responding to God’s invitation. As contributor Demi Prentiss observes, “Our response can open the door to God’s multiplying our gifts, allowing them to bear life-giving fruit in the lives of others, in ways we may never have the privilege of seeing.”

Autumn Leaves

ECF Webinars: Fall 2014
As part of ECF's on-going efforts to assist congregations in developing their leadership and financial resources, we are offering a wide range of web conferences for clergy and lay parish leaders this fall. There is no cost to participate in ECF's web conferences and all lay and clergy leaders are welcome to participate. 

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ECF Financial Resources News: Stewardship Planning for Summer
True Story: The week school let out for summer, I received four invitations to lunch and knew it was time to recruit next year’s stewardship team. Each of those invitations represented a networking or volunteer request.

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